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Elvis Presley's Grammy Awards

Elvis Presley’s Grammy Awards 

From time to time, Digital Grammy will award Grammys to people, products or services that she finds delightful for some reason.  Digital Grammy has absolute power over these awards, which is a great reason to write a blog.  You, the reader, have absolute power over your own opinion of these items and are encouraged to post your thoughts in the comments section. Or as we say in the South,  “We’ll all get by if we just hep [help] each other.”

The Grammy for affordable personal medical or emergency alert system goes to Great Call 5Star Urgent Response:   no contract, affordable device, low monthly fees, nationwide coverage with patented GPS for help at home or on the go.  Find more information on the device at http/

The Grammy fo...

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Two words frequently used at the end of Thanksgiving dinner:  “I’m stuffed.”  It seems to happen gradually as you enjoy a variety of delicious foods in the company of family and friends.   But you end up waddling, rather than walking away from the table, and struggling to stay awake and out of a sleep-induced coma.

As my husband and I are downsizing from a three story, seven bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment, we are also saying, “we’re stuffed.” Over forty years of married life with the last thirteen years in one house have allowed us to gradually accumulate way too much stuff.

We’re trying to be ruthless about getting rid of what we no longer need, or to tell the truth, what we never really needed.  Much of what we find is a duplicate of something else we have...

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Our new car

August 17, 2013 Digital Grammy  No comments

My husband and I have fallen in love with our new Ford C-Max Hybrid.  Our last three cars have been Hondas CRVs, and I thought we were hooked for life on the Honda brand and CRV model in silver, the color choice for two of the last three cars.

The C-Max purchase was a happy combination of deliberate choice and intangible features.   We went to the Ford dealer so I could see the foot activated rear tailgate on the Escape.  My husband liked his Ford Escape business car, and we thought that there was a hybrid Escape. We had decided to consider a Hybrid for our next vehicle to reduce our carbon footprint and our gasoline expenses.  We also want our granddaughters to have clean air and water.

Our Basil Ford salesman, Jeremy, paid attention when we told him what we were seeking...

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Good News, really

August 9, 2013 Digital Grammy  No comments

Since I was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2009, my body has proven to be a Petri dish for cancer types and locations.  First. the lung cancer colonized in my brain, and, recently,  a small spot on my kidney proved to be a lethargic form of kidney cancer unrelated to the lung cancer that had spread to my brain.   I guess I’m really good at getting cancer.

Fortunately, I am also good at having cancer that is asymptomatic: no shortness of breath, racking cough, headaches or blurred vision for me.  Because I have no symptoms, I am able to spend most of my days feeling cancer-free.  But not every day.  As any cancer patient can attest, there is at least one time that each dreads:  the follow up CT scan or MRI to see if the cancer is active or spreading.

I have a routine MRI of my ...

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“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up”

July 20, 2013 Digital Grammy  No comments

UnknownI remember the commercials with an elderly woman on the ground saying, “Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”  Last fall a “perfect storm” of events landed me on the floor of my detached garage leaning against my running car with my cell phone out of my reach on the car’s front seat

I felt helpless and foolish.   I imagined the worst.  I vowed that I would never be without my cell phone again.  I fumed on the floor of my garage for 30 minutes until my alert neighbor sent her grandson to check on me.

At the time my family and friends urged me to get a medic alert system.  I investigated them but could only find systems that were tethered to the home phone line with limited outside range...

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Nobody puts baby in a corner

July 13, 2013 Digital Grammy

Unknown-4Last week we went out to eat at a local chain restaurant, which I’m choosing not to name since this sort of treatment is universal, not particular to this restaurant. While David was finishing stowing the wheelchair lift, Amy, her aide and I went inside to get a table. Since it was not particularly busy I was hopeful for a good restaurant experience.  I told the hostess that we were a party of four with two wheelchair users, and we needed  a table with a bit more space.  She went to check the space,  returned and said she could seat us immediately.

The hostess led us to a table for four against the wall in the far back corner...

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Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary, David

July 8, 2013 Digital Grammy  One comment

I didn’t get to be 67 years young without having my share of bad days. But the last 12-month period of bad days strung together has been challenging.  In brief, between June 2012 and July 2013, I was diagnosed with another form and location of cancer, had a disabling relapse of my relapsing remitting MS and was laid off.  The support of the constant love of my life has sustained me through this stressful period.

Today is our 46th anniversary; I am thankful beyond imagination for every day of our marriage, which has had periods of highs and lows.  The highs include the gifts of our children and grandchildren, the happy marriage of our son and his wonderful wife and the joy of working hard and achieving some measure of financial success and security...

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Vemma Liquid Nutrition

July 5, 2013 Digital Grammy  No comments

vemma-content-vemma-productsI have been sampling the Vemma product line that I am going to distribute. For 4 days now I’ve been drinking their complete, clinically tested liquid nutrition formula to provide necessary vitamins, minerals, whole food nutrients and antioxidants to maintain my health.  According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, two Harvard Medical School scientists recommended that all adults take daily vitamin supplements based on two factors:  the recognition that Americans do not receive enough vitamins from their diet alone, and the result of nearly 40 years of clinical research indicating vitamin supplementation plays an important role in long term good heath. As a person who has compromised health, I am eager to maintain and improve the health I do have...

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Frequent Flyers

July 5, 2013 Digital Grammy  2 comments

frequentflyer-1Since I have become gray haired and started using a small motorized wheelchair, strangers think they can pat me on the shoulder and call me dear.  As in the flight attendant who said, “We’ll just sit here dear until the other passenger have de-planed, and then you’ll have plenty of time to exit the aircraft.”   What she meant was “we’ll keep you out of the way of the other passengers who have important, time-sensitive business.”

Being in the way is one reality of having a disability.  Thinking that people with disabilities don’t have anything important or time sensitive to accomplish is another reality.

But there is an ironic reality that always makes me smile...

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Bill McKee’s Homecoming

July 5, 2013 Digital Grammy  No comments

mail-1Every summer my 96-year-old father-in-law, Bill McKee, makes a pilgrimage to Buffalo NY to see his two great granddaughters whom he calls “those two little girls.”  They call him Pap and look forward to the visits almost as much as he does.  Bill McKee is a member of the greatest generation; he has lived a life of substance and consequence.  It is a blessing for the great granddaughters to know him.

My husband is working in Virginia part time, and we spend about two weeks a month in each of our homes: Richmond and Buffalo.  The road between them runs past Bill McKee’s alma mater, Bucknell University...

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